Samen spelen, leren en groeien - Ons kinderdagverblijf, een wereld vol avontuur!

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Welcome at Utrecht!
We have a very good reason to give extra attention to families from foreign countries. The last few years we had families from all around Europe, we had Americans, Columbians or people from Africa etc. So you won’t be the only one. And if you would like, we can speak to you and your child in Duch ór English, everything is possible at Ellimo.

Of course we only work with a skilled staff. All with the right papers and background information. This is a closely-knitted group of enthusiastic people. This and the pleasurable working conditions are the main reasons why our people are very loyal to Ellimo. It is just great fun!

Do you wish to speak to us about procedures at short notice? Are there questions of any kind? Elly, owners of Ellimo, is present daily to give you the information you are asking for.

Our goal is quite simple. We want to offer a daily care, which is safe and pleasant for everyone involved. But at the same time it is a challenge and a big adventure as well were they will learn a lot, how to take care for the others.

Herefore, of course we do care very much for parents needs too about things like good accessibility, sufficient room for car parking, flexible hours for bringing and fetching your child, exchangeable days, the possibility of arranging half days and opening times from 7.00 hours in the morning to 18.30 hours in the evening. Hereby we would like to explain our services to you in full.

Included are (bottle) feeding, nappies, eating and drinking. We like very much starting the day with a nice cup of tea or coffee, when you bring your child to Ellimo. This way you get the opportunity to build a good relationship with our people. Take all the time you need to play with your child, if you should wish to do so.

For the children there are so many things to do. Within our daily scheme there is plenty room for all kinds of activity. We run a cookery club and a vegetable garden. There are 3+ activities and pleasure trips in our waggon, Your child can play in one of our two gardens, and do lots of other things. All this is cost-included, so every child can do whatever it likes.

Warm meals at Ellimo

As you know, the Dutch eat bread for lunch. It is really an enormous habit. But we had some families, asking for an other kind of lunch. So every familie can make there own choise. Warm meals or bread, you can even change lunch each day. We have found a supplier who can prepare great meals that are healthy, fresh and 95% organic. These meals will be added that the end of the month to the normal bill. More information about our meals you can find at Ellimo.

If you would like to ask about anything, don’t hesitate to call or email us.
(tel. 00 31 30 2317159 or +31 30 2317159 and

Ellimo Children Day Care – rates and services (as from January 1st 2024)

52 weeks
Basic care as usual. Expansion of services is possible during the whole of 2022.
Half days by contract only on Wednesday and Friday.
On other days these morning and noon sessions can only be bought separately, under the conditions as described in ‘Flexible Care’.                            

  Hour rate Month rate Hours/month
 Whole day (07.30 tot 18.15)   €11,32  €527,66 46,6
 Morning session (07.30 tot 13.00)  €11,32  €269,49 23,8
 Noon session (13.00 tot 18.15)   €11,32   €258,10 22,8
 Warm meals, 1 day a week   €21,51

48 weeks
Fixed is the three-week construction-industry holiday in theon Jul. 24th – Aug 11th. (Week 30-32) plus an interrupted week (Monday to Friday).
This last week can be spent freely, regardless of possible specific holidays during this week.
Half days by contract only on Wednesday and Friday.
On other days these morning and noon sessions can only be bought separately, as described in ‘Flexible Care’.

  Hour rate Month rate Hours/month
 Whole day (07.30 tot 18.15) €11,66  €543,48 46,6
 Morning session (07.30 tot 13.00) €11,66 €277,57 23,8
 Noon session (13.00 tot 18.15) €11,66 €265,91 22,8
 Warm meals, 1 day a week €21,51

Flexible care
Flexible care can be obtained separately by Ellimo families, whenever extra care or expansion care is needed. But at least one day a week.
This is possible on every weekday, but only if there is sufficient room.
Please make your reservation 24 hours beforehand.
Reservation on the day itself is only possible, if there is sufficient personnel available.

  Hour rate Total Hours/day
 Whole day (07.30 tot 18.00) €11,66  €125,37 10,75
 Morning session (07.30 tot 13.00) €11,66 €64,15 5,5
 Noon session (13.00 tot 18.15) €11,66 €61,23 5,25
 Warm meals, just ones €4,96

We employ flexible times during 15-30 minutes max. during opening and closing hours.
This included, our opening times are 7.00 or 7.15 ‘o clock and our closing times are 18.15 or 18.30 ‘o clock. During all these hours at least two mature people are available. 

+ Also every family may use three exchange days max.

Better still: come to Ellimo and meet us! Enjoy a tour, free of obligation of course.

Please send us an email at or give us a call at tel. 00 31 30 2317159 or
+31 30 2317159, and I am sure that we can be the perfect childcare for you!

Sincere greetings,

Elly & Timo